Discover Jan Ullrichs WORKTalks series: from the artist to the curator


In the WORKTalks series, Jan Ullrichs takes you on a journey from artist to curator. In each episode, he interviewsees about their work and how it has influenced his own. You’ll get a sneak peak of upcoming projects, hear new perspectives on art history, and gain insights into the creative process itself. Join us as we explore the world of art!

What Jan Ullrichs’ WORKTalks series is all about.

WORKTalks is a series of talks that Jan Ullrichs gives to various groups and institutions around the world. WORKTalks is an initiative that started in 2002 and has since brought together some of the most respected names in art, culture, and design. WORKTalks events typically take place in different cities around the world, and focus on exploring new ideas, perspectives, and techniques in the field of art.

What Works in Jan Ullrichs’ WORKTalks Series.

WORKTalks events offer a unique opportunity to hear from some of the world’s most influential artists and thinkers about their work and thoughts on current issues. In addition to discussing art, WORKTalks also provides an opportunity for guests to get close to the artists they’re interviewing and learn more about their process. The series has featured speakers such as Yoko Ono, Damien Hirst, Serena Miller, Jill Kreiner, Jay Lynch, Barbara Kruger, installations by Philip Johnson, Pepe Guevara!, Yoko Ono: A Filmography (2009), Neil Patrick Harris: Work (2013), Sterling K Brown: The Art of Life (2013), Spike Jonze: Her (2007), David Lynch: Mulholland Drive (2001), Sarah Polley: My Sister’s Keeper (2006), Whitney Houston: I Will Always Love You (1996).

What to Expect from Jan Ullrichs’ WORKTalks Series.

WORKTalks Series is an opportunity for artists to share their work with the publicWorks in the WORKTalks Series are on display at the artist’s studio and at selected galleries

TheWORKTalksSeries is an opportunity for the public to experience and learn about Jan Ullrichs’ work.

Tips for Successful Jan Ullrichs’ WORKTalks Series.

If you’re looking to experience a wide range of art from the artist, Jan Ullrichs’ WORKTalks Series is the perfect way to do so. In this series, the artist takes on different types of art, providing opportunities for viewers to learn and explore new works in an informal setting.

Be prepared for a range of different types of art from the artist.

Jan Ullrichs is known for his eclectic approach to art, which can be seen in his work that encompases a variety of styles and periods. By being prepared for a variety of different styles and periods from Ullrichs, you’ll be able to enjoy his work more fully and understand its complexities better.

Follow Jan Ullrichs’ work and experience different types of art from him.

If you want to experience all that Jan Ullrichs has to offer, take advantage of WORKTalks Series opportunities! By following along with the artist’s steps-from idea to finished product-you’ll be able to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for his work.

Take advantage of the opportunities that WORKTalks Series provides for you.

In addition to learning about Jan Ullrichs’ unique approach to painting, WORKTalks Series offers plenty of opportunities for viewers to take advantage of various opportunities that will provide them with unique insights into the artist’s thoughts and processes. These events often include talks with the artists themselves as well as rare pieces or limited edition prints available at only specific venues/times.


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